Today we're talking about amazing Tourmaline!

While it is VERY rare to find Tourmaline in a Yoni egg form - it is readily available in Black in raw chunks. 


Tourmaline is one of my favorite root chakra stones for working with externally due to it's powerful GROUNDING and PROTECTIVE nature. Tourmaline feel like a very strong masculine elder there to lean on when you need him. Tourmaline calms aggression and aids in soothing the consequences of excess anger. Because of this ability it also works well on the physical areas of the mouth and teeth which symbolize how we process our lessons when we first receive them as well as the liver - an organ typically associated with anger.


Tourmaline also helps healers, energy workers, psychics and others who tend to have their head in the clouds as well as astrological air signs. For some of us it's easier to connect to the etheric realm than the physical and tourmaline forms a bridge between the two  If you have concerns over longevity and aging gracefully tourmaline is your crystal as it aids in understanding the power of aging and embodying that wisdom. 

How have you used tourmaline?