Good morning my loves, 


One of the most common questions we receive is if Yoni eggs can be used during Pregnancy. The answer may surprise you 


Typically if: 

  • You are not a high risk pregnancy
  • You have no infections
  • It is safe for you to engage in vaginal sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual play 
  • You feel comfortable with inserting objects within your Yoni 

Then YES you can use Yoni eggs during pregnancy. We suggest not using them during the final month or two of pregnancy due to  the cervix becoming overly sensitive and beginning to dilate - Of course you should consult your health care provider and this is not to be considered as medical advice. 

As secondary question is HOW to ask your medical provider if Yoni eggs are okay for you. Many midwives and doctors do not understand what they are - never fear darlings. When you mention them you may wish to use one of the following more well known terms to communicate: "Ben Wa Balls", "Kegel Exercisers", "Kegel Balls", "Jade Eggs", or "Vaginal Sex Balls". 

Yoni Eggs that may be good for use during pregnancy nclude Red Jasper and Moss Agate

I hope that helps!! 

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~Namaste Moore

Feminine Alchemist, Author of Yoni Egg Secrets

Founder of The School of Feminine Transformation