This is something I get asked a great deal. Many ladies simply look at a list of toxic stones from a Crystal guide and decide based on that. This is an ineffective way of determining toxicity because typically such lists are only determining which stones are not safe to ingest and often those lists are referring to the use of raw/rough stones for use in creating crystal elixirs - which are made to drink. 

Not a relevant analog as Yoni stones are shaped and polished (akin to tumbling) which frequently seals the stones. 

Others say avoid any stone ending in "ite" - this is also not effective as there are a number of Crystals that end in "ite" that are suitable for yoni use - such as Fluorite, and Jadeite. 

A good rule of thumb is if an egg is broken down by acids (Yonis are acidic), very soft (under a 4 on the mohs scale),  contains lead or copper, or easily dissolves it should not be used as a Yoni egg. 

Here is a list of the MOST common stones that I've noticed being made into "Yoni" stones or simply available as Egg shaped crystals  that are unusable as Yoni Eggs. This list is not exhaustive - if you have a question about a Stone not listed here feel free to email us at and we can tell you if it's safe! 

***Also please note that certain Gemstones contain aluminum - we do not consider Aluminum as something to be concerned about in Yoni eggs because  the Aluminum that occurs is Gemstones that are natural is organic and bound- meaning it is not transferable to human tissue. One of the most used Yoni eggs- Jade - contains aluminum. 

Do NOT use:

  • Turquoise - toxic Copper
  • Calcite- Dissolves
  • Angelite- lead
  • Chrysocolla - toxic copper
  • Hematite - it rusts
  • Chalcopyrite- sulphur 
  • Galena- lead
  • Malachite- toxic copper
  • Selenite- it dissolves
  • Rhodochrosite - Lead
  • Pyrite- can convert to sulfuric acid
  • Orpiment- Arsenic
  • **Lapis Lazuli- may contain Pyrite (The jury is out on the toxicity of Lapis, however I'm mentioning it here out of caution)
  • Lazurite- sulphur 

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